11 Women Arrested for Going against Taiwanese Gambling Law

Written by John M. on 2010-04-10 at 15:50
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The history of the gambling industry in Taiwan is one of ups and downs. At one point it was exclusively legal in many of its forms. Not so long ago the country went through a complete turnaround under which no form of gambling was permitted. 

Taiwanese gambling law has since loosened up, but in recent enough times, an individual could be arrested for playing three games of Mahjong in a row, even if there was no money exchanged! 

In the 90’s, the government of Taiwan sent a scouting mission out to Las Vegas to make some general observations on the industry and its operation. Feeling the intense pressure of financial withdrawal, the government decided to allow casinos in the country, but only in offshore remote areas on a few islands.  

Due to the lack of an established industry next to a relatively massive demand, a black market for gambling has emerged in Taiwan. Eleven women were recently arrested for running their own small form of a gambling operation. 

They dressed on the scanty side and walked around Taipei with laptops and a game of roulette ready for all those who might heed. As young as twenty one, the girls targeted older men. They let victims win a few rounds before they used software that tricked them into losing large sums of money. These activities would have been illegal even if land-based gambling were legal. 

If players would like to gamble, then they have two options; they can either go offshore to the new facilities or play at online casinos in Taiwan. Due to the fact that online gambling sites are often based on foreign soil, the government has no jurisdiction over them and players can access them freely. Internet gambling in Taiwan is the best and safest bet for those residing there.

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