AFL Assistant Coach Suspended for 2 Weeks on Account of Gambling

Written by John M. on 2010-05-05 at 15:30
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The island/continent of Australia is home to many a gambler. This includes most of the entire population as research has shown that the average adult Australian spends more money on gambling in a week than he or she does on petrol. 

Part of the reason behind the Australians being such big gamblers is in the plentiful availability of gambling machines and institutions. In the event that one doesn’t want to venture from home, there are many online casinos in Australia which cater to the people freely.  

Though the government does license internet gambling institutions, Australian gambling laws are written in such a manner that the Australian Licensed gambling companies cannot offer their services to Australians! As a result, most of the internet gambling in Australia takes place at sites based on foreign soil, and out of the government’s jurisdiction. 

Officials and players are no exception to the rule when it comes to gambling and this has proven to be quite a problem in the Australian Football League (AFL). Many umpires, coaches, managers and players have been punished for gambling on the AFL while being a part of it. 

The newest case in this pattern is that of Matthew Primus, assistant coach of Port Adelaide, along with 5 other individuals. An official investigation found that Primus had placed a $20 multi-leg bet, and traced it back to his laptop. As a result, he will be suspended for 2 weeks. 

Betting on the AFL is strictly forbidden for all who are involved in it and those who are caught doing so are punished accordingly. Primus’s case may not sound so bad but the director of the Bulldogs, Geoff Walsh, had his team fined $7,500 after admitting to placing bets.  

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