Argentina’s gambling industry is going strong and continues to blossom

Written by John M. on 2010-03-18 at 15:16
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The good people of Argentina are avid gamblers and they are supported by an eager industry. Argentina can be considered one of the most gambling nations in all of South America. This is so due to their willingness to dish out an estimated $4-5 billion on a yearly basis. 

Argentinian gambling law doesn’t do anything to prevent its nationals from having a good time. As a matter of fact, the industry is supported and the government is able to reap a sufficient revenue stream from it. Argentinians can visit any of the nations land and water based casinos, betting shops, dog tracks, or horse tracks. The lottery and betting on football (soccer) is also popular. 

Locals have plenty of opportunities to play at online casinos in Argentina as well, though the situation may be a bit more complicated. Though players cannot be punished for playing at internet casinos, the government tries to restrict them from doing so. 

There are many online gambling sites in Argentina which are actually licensed by the government. Players, however, tend to visit the foreign sites as well. Foreign sites have been forbidden since 2008 but the government is considering reversing this ban in 2009. 

The brick and mortar casinos and gambling institutions continue to blossom in complete compliance to the law. Gambling institutions that belong to Cristóbal López’s Casino Club are doing particularly well due to some political actions.  

Prior to contemporary president Néstor Kirchner’s leaving his office, a favorable thing happened on behalf of the gambling industry and Casino Club. The president issued a decree extending Mr López’s licence to run racecourse slot machines until 2032 with 50% more machines being put into operation. Judging by this issuing, the gambling industry will be healthily running well into the future.

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