Australians Propose Gambling as a Way to Help Endangered Species

Written by John M. on 2009-12-06 at 10:42
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Australia is undeniably one of the most unique places on the planet when it comes to wildlife. Unfortunately many of the creatures that were exclusive to Australia have since gone extinct. Many others are endangered.

In just the last 100 years, Australia has lost over 55 different mammal species. In addition to that terrible loss, another 372 species of fauna in Australia are classified as threatened. The sad thing is that most people have never even heard about a majority of these animals.

Despite a massive national park, animals are still falling prey to the displeasures of the modern world. Land Clearing, feral predators and horrible forest fires are threatening these endangered creatures relentlessly. Fortunately for critters, Professor Hugh Possingham of the University of Queensland has come up with a plan that just might be the ticket to saving our furry friends, however unconventional…

Australians are among the most active punters on the planet. Estimates indicate that most Australians spend more money on gambling then they do on gasoline. The answer to saving the sweet remaining species in Australia may be found in this habit.

Lucky for locals, Australian gambling laws permit gambling forms of all kinds in land-based facilities. In favor of the animals, Professor Possingham proposes the following: the names of all Australia’s threatened and endangered species should be put in a barrel. Each year before the Melbourne Cup, the environmental minister should pull out a species.

According to the percentage of the given species population on any entities property, that entity would receive the equivalent percentage of $20 million. That’s less than 0.4 percent of the annual gambling revenue in Australia.

Hopes are that this lottery would promote awareness of the animals that are endangered. This lottery would utilize the popularity of the Melbourne Cup to spread the news and facts about the creature of the year. This would not only promote landowners to protect endangered species but would promote the enhancement of such populations as well.

Internet gambling in Australia is also very popular, though more difficult than the land-based methods. However, if this lottery were promoted on online gambling sites in Australia, it would probably become even more popular. Who knew that the answer to extinction lay in gambling?!?

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