Bandits in the Netherlands to be Sentenced for Robbing Slot Machine Winner

Written by Brian M. on 2010-12-17 at 12:30
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On December 30, a court will pass sentences on three Dutch two-armed bandits charged with violently mugging a man last September behind the main train station of Breda, Netherlands. Earlier that day, the victim had been gambling at a slot machine in a snack bar and presumably operated in conformity with Dutch gambling laws, where he may have won €700 from the slot machine (this amount is disputed by one of the suspects).

What happened next isn’t exactly clear. It is known that the man was mugged, but the suspects gave inconsistent accounts. Two older suspects, each 20 years old, and the victim himself all suggested that the youngest suspect, 18 years old, initiated the robbery, but the youngest accused the other two suspects of being the perpetrators.

The judge found it suspicious that the eldest suspects reported immediately to the Heij Den Akker correctional institute. It was subsequently discovered that on the day of the mugging, they were on parole for a previous street robbery.

If the suspects are found guilty, the older offenders will return to prison for a year for committing robbery during parole. The younger suspect only faces 100 days imprisonment, with 59 days suspended sentence.

The relationship between the snack bar and Holland Casino, the Dutch gambling monopoly is not known at this time. Legally, all gambling in the Netherlands is required to operate under the monopoly’s Fair Play brand.

Unfortunately, since 2005 the Dutch government has been opposing online casinos in Holland. Those who win at an internet casino’s online slot games face significantly less risk of being mugged for their booty afterwards.

A recent court ruling is likely to further vex slot enthusiasts in the Netherlands. The Dutch Court ruled internet gambling computers can be slot machines.

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