Best Blackjack Dealer in Netherlands Caught Cheating Holland Casino

Written by Nick M. on 2011-08-09 at 16:36
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A three time international award winning blackjack and roulette croupier, Mr. Hon-Kee ‘Honky’ Man, 36, has been arrested for violating Dutch gambling laws after a lengthy investigation.

Honky Man, who three times was proclaimed by an international panel of judges to be the best blackjack dealer in the Netherlands, was handcuffed in front of a crowd of adoring fans inside Holland Casino last month along with an unnamed partner in crime.

International judges were especially impressed by Honey Man’s “technique behind the table”, which in fact was the same technique that got the croupier arrested. Unconfirmed reports put losses at over 1 million euros based on the frequency of the security cameras recorded collusions and the sums which were observed changing hands.

According to online gambling news in Netherlands, the croupier, who normally was rarely targeted by Holland Casino surveillance due to his superstar status, was apprehended after a trainee dealer informed the casino about witnessing Honkey’s involvement in some ‘suspicious activities.’

The trainee dealer who was observing the best dealer in the Netherlands out of the corner of his eyes was trying to imitate his hero. Instead what he allegedly witnessed was Honkey overpaying the winning hands at blackjack card games on a regular basis to the tune of tens of thousands of euros.

Honky, who next month was supposed to go to Belgrade where he was the favorite to win Croupier of the Year for the unprecedented fourth consecutive year, will instead be probably penning what is likely to be an award winning auto-biography. That is if his alleged Triad bosses would allow it.

According to unnamed Rotterdam police sources close to the investigation, Honky is an alleged lifelong member of the fearsome Sun Yee On Triads, the largest of the Chinese international mafia families. The Triads are reportedly heavily involved in ownership of illegal online bingo games in Netherlands and Europe.

Since his arrest, Honky Man has not said a single word according to investigators and police are keeping mum as to whether the award winning gangster is cooperating.

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