Bet on the Plusliga Odds: Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce

Written by Thipphaphone Channavong on 2017-11-10 at 03:37
Bet on the Plusliga Odds: Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce Bet on the Plusliga Odds! (source:
Most people hate Mondays, but we don’t. For the next Monday, November 13, will determine the winner: Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce! The game will take place at Azoty Arena, everyone. So go cheer for your favourite team!

Plusliga is a professional men’s volleyball competition in Poland. It’s an annual event starting from October and ending in April. This year, there are 16 teams competing in total and by now we are nearing the end of the regular season with only 2 more rounds to go.

It’s clear that the odds for Espadon Szczecin are so much better at (1/6). For Dafi Spolem Kielce to win, Unibet Sportsbook only estimates the odds at (7/2) which is a big difference. Can a miracle occur for the Dafis in the upcoming Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce match? Let’s crunch the numbers for some answers!

Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce in the Past

The two teams have battled exactly two times before. And guess what? For both games, Espadon Szczecin takes the victory home.

Their first ever battle with each other was in December 2016 which resulted in an easy win for Espadon, 3:0. On the other hand, we can’t say that we see no improvements from the Dafis. On their second match which was in March 2017, the match was too close to call. By the end, the result was 3:2, the Dafis were able to win 2 out of 5 sets.

So we are looking forward to further improvements from the Dafis in the next Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce game!

To Predict the Future, Let’s Look at the History

In all the Plusliga 2017/2018 rounds up until this date, Espadon Szczecin has won 4 out of 8 rounds. 50% of their matches were victorious. Their team has a pretty good winning rate, considering that they’ve only played in the Plusliga for 2 years.

At the same time, Dafi Spolem Kielce, only has a measly 2 out of 8 wins. Judging by the numbers of the previous wins, the Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce match will be more like Espadon wins Dafi.

Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge the Dafis

Do you remember the Dafis’ unexpected victory on MKS Bedzin? Yes, it’s the same team that Espadon lost to in the 7th round. So how can we be sure that the Dafis won’t pull a secret trick this time too?

Bet on PlusLiga Odds

Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce: which team are you rooting for?

Actually, the Dafi Spolem Kielce’s secret weapon is their impenetrable blocks. They play in a very defensive fashion, while Espadon Szczecin takes a very offensive stance. As you can imagine, if Espadon keeps on attacking and not getting through the wall then Dafi can score many points without much effort.

So, the most important takeaway is for the upcoming Espadon Szczecin v Dafi Spolem Kielce game, just remember that the winner is not set in stone! Head on to Unibet Sportsbook and trust on your guts on this one!
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