Bet on Sungbin Yun to Win Skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018

Written by Thipphaphone Channavong on 2018-01-30 at 04:21
Sungbin Yun to win Skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018 Bet on Sungbin Yun to win Skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018! (source:
In this year’s Winter Olympics, many nations from all over the world will compete to be the winner of skeleton. And for those who are looking for a rewarding bet, we’ve got you covered! The betting odds for skeleton winner at the Winter Olympics 2018 reveal that Sungbin Yun is your best bet!

Have you ever wondered how the winter sport skeleton got its name? The thing is the metal sled that each athlete uses looks like, well, a skeleton. It’s a very straightforward, yet clever and unique name.

In this extreme sport, an athlete rides a sled face-first down a frozen track. The metal sled has no brakes. It’s very physically demanding since your whole body has to control everything. Believe it or not, the speed can reach up to 130 kilometres per hour which is as fast as those racing cars! Of course, the one with fastest overall speed of all the rounds combined is the winner.

According to South Korea online gambling news, Men’s Skeleton at the 2018 Winter Olympics will take place between the 15th and 16th of February. The venue of the race at Alpensia Sliding Centre near Pyeongchang, South Korea can fit as many as 11,000 people.

Sungbin Yun, representing South Korea, is the bookies favourite to win skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018. His winning odds are as high as 3/10. Many people think of Sungbin as a natural. After a mere 3 months of skeleton training, Sungbin snatched the national championship title. He was 18 at the time. Now at 23 years of age, what else has he accomplished?

Sungbin’s Accomplishments in A Short Period of Time

In 2013, one year after he won the national championship, Sungbin made his international debut. His name was not well-known back then. But ever since, Sungbin keeps climbing up the world rankings at an alarmingly fast rate.

It was 2017 when Sungbin managed to surpass Martin Dukurs, a skeleton athlete from Latvia, and became the number one overall world skeleton rider. So online sports betting sites in South Korea estimate 3/1 odds for Martin to be skeleton winner at the Winter Olympics 2018. Once, Martin was better than Sungbin but not anymore. The odds for Sungbin to win skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018 are so much better!

A Trend to Discontinue?

One interesting fact about skeleton is: Great Britain has won a skeleton medal in every Olympic Games. Can this trend continue for the Men’s Skeleton as well? It’s not very likely. According to online gambling sites in South Korea, Great Britain Skeleton Athlete Dom Parson have 39/1 odds to win skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018. In fact, he’s nowhere close to the top three best 2018 Winter Olympics skeleton betting odds.

Bet on Sungbin Yun to Win Skeleton at the Winter Olympics 2018

Bwin Sportsbook is where you can start betting on skeleton winner at the Winter Olympics 2018! Sungbin Yun (3/10) has the best winning odds, followed by Martin Dukurs (3/1). On the other hand, Dom is your long shot gamble. If you sign up with Bwin now, you can get up to 50 Euros bonus money upon your first deposit.
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