Camel Racing Remains The Most Popular Form of Gambling in Oman

Written by John M. on 2010-01-28 at 11:44
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Situated on the Arabian Sea, Oman is a country with a lot to offer, especially in the sense of tradition. From exploring the beautiful terrain of Matrah and observing amazing wedding ceremonies, to weaving rugs on the looms of Wadi Ghul, there is plenty to do and see in Oman, but gambling is not one such activity. 

The official religion of Oman is Islam, and according to Islamic Law, gambling is forbidden. As this nation holds strong to its religious roots, Omani gambling laws reflect Islamic law and prohibit gambling in any form. 

As is the case anywhere else in the world, sometimes the laws put forth by the government do not reflect the wishes of the entire people. There’s a large quantity of rather secular citizens residing in Oman, and they would enjoy the freedom to gamble whenever they please. There is one form of gambling that remains popular to this day and is even permitted to a certain extent: camel racing. 

Camel racing is both popular and legal in Oman. Prizes are even awarded to winners, however, bets may not be placed on these matches legally. Regardless, bets are often placed on camel races and the illegal purses can get quite hefty. It is not unusual for winning camels to be sold for stud at prices above $130,000. 

Outside of illegal camel races, a citizens only hope to gamble is through internet gambling in Oman. Internet gambling is not illegal, because the websites through which players gamble are located in places where gambling is legal, and the Omani government has no jurisdiction. 

There are many online casinos in Oman that citizens can visit when they get the urge for some exciting play. These online casinos accept many different forms of currency and provide Omanis with a great selection of games that cannot be found on land in Oman. If players would like to gamble without having to worry about the law, online gambling is their only option, and this is likely to be the case well into the future.

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