Casino Gambling in Japan Closer and Closer to Reality

Written by John M. on 2010-05-11 at 16:17
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Japan is one of those unlucky nations in which there’s a humongous demand for a large gambling industry, but the demand has yet to be met. The reason behind this can be summed up in a few simple words: Japanese gambling law.  

Gambling law in Japan dictates that only a few forms of gambling are legal. Legal gambling methods include betting on horse, bicycle, motorboat, and motorcycle racing, mahjong, pachinko, and the lottery.  

As for casino gambling, a local’s online chance is to play at an online casino in Japan. This is frowned on by the government, but as internet casinos are located offshore in nation’s where online gambling is legal, they fall outside of the Japanese government’s jurisdiction. 

Internet gambling in Japan is popular but may be blown out of the water in the near future should upcoming legislation be dealt with in a favorable manner. Currently, many Japanese companies have approached Sands China in hopes of starting up brick and mortar casinos in Japan.  

Macau is currently the world’s largest and fastest growing gambling center, leaving even the legendary Las Vegas behind. Though this may be the case, estimates indicate that, should legislation allow it, Japan could be Asia’s largest gambling market. 

This can partially be attributed to the fact that, the policies regarding who can cross the border and gamble in Macau are beginning to get a little shifty. If Japan will legalize casino gambling, they will already have millions of clients eager to try it out without the need to worry about immigration.

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