Casinos Beware: Le Pharaon mugged by five masked men

Written by John M. on 2010-04-07 at 15:10
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France seems to be in the news on a regular basis in regards to French gambling law. Most forms of gambling are legal in France, however, any form that is legal is strictly regulated and controlled. Casinos are only entitled to operate where the Ministry of Justice officially sanctions them to.  

Though internet gambling in France is also legal and popular, the Ministry of Justice still licenses many casinos to operate throughout the nation. Current events in Lyon may drive players to play at online casinos in France on behalf of their possibly being safer than their land-based alternatives. 

As the third in a string of robberies which seem to be flooding gambling events and venues in Europe, Le Pharaon Casino fell prey to a band of burglars last Sunday. This group seemed to make record time as their theft of an estimated $37,800 was pulled off in no more than three minutes. 

The 5 man group of trouble burst into the casino in the wee hours of the night masked and armed with assault rifles. After firing a single shot into the ceiling, they proceeded on to their target, the cashiers’ area. 

Using an angle grinder, the thieves gained entry into the area and cleaned it up quickly. They reportedly rushed out of the casino and made off via the one member of the team who remained in the getaway vehicle, a black BMW.  

Though there were about 200 people visiting the casino at that point, none of the patrons were injured. The only individual to sustain a minor injury, was a security guard who tried to do his part to thwart the heist. 

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