Colombia’s Appreciation and Steps Toward Online Gambling

Written by John M. on 2010-01-18 at 10:53
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Many punters are under the impression that gambling is something done enthusiastically the world over, but this is, as of yet, not the case. Colombia is one of the countries that seems to have a somewhat underdeveloped gambling industry, even in comparison with some of nations surrounding it. 

The reason behind this is not due to Colombian gambling law which is, in fact, quite permissive. It can more easily be attributed to a basic lack in demand. Gambling just hasn’t reached the apex of popularity up to this point. 

Though it may not be the nation’s number one pastime, there are still ample opportunities for Colombians to gamble. The nation is home to a total of about twenty-four casinos, most of which are located in the capital, Bogota. The most common forms of gambling consist of casino gambling and the lottery. Sports betting is slowly, but surely catching on but has a long way to go before it reaches the popularity found in other South American nations. Poker is, up to this point, basically unheard of. 

If players are not found in casinos, it may be due to their accessing one of many opportunities for internet gambling in Colombia. The Colombian government has no official stance or policy in place regarding online gambling and there are many sites that Colombians can use to play. 

Activities in Colombia, specifically a certain conference, may indicate that online casinos in Colombia may be foreseeable in the near future. This conference is titled Feria Andina de Juegos de Azar or FADJA, and takes the form of an online gambling expo held in Colombia and visited by many of its neighboring countries. The intense popularity and success of this expo may be an indicator that online gambling in Colombia will take off. 

Regulation of the online gambling industry in Colombia could lead to serious revenue streams for the country. The success of the international gambling expo held every year shows that there’s a rising interest in the subject and that it may be worth serious investments to get the industry started. Until then, nationals are free to play on any number of foreign sites, many of which offer play in Spanish.

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