Disagreements in India over Online Gambling Laws

Written by Michael F. on 2010-02-08 at 10:50
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A proposed change to Indian gambling laws has been drafted which could legalize online lotteries across the country. Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac, who represents the Indian state of Kerala, is launching a political campaign in protest of the change, alleging that there exists a "nexus between online lottery mafia and Congress", and that no good could possibly come of the legalization of internet gambling in India

Isaac also argues that the new lottery law would challenge an earlier ruling made by the state government of Kerula which moved online lotteries into the category “gambling”, effectively making them illegal. If the Union government goes through with their plans to legalize online lotteries across India, the Kerula ban would be instantly overruled. Simply put, the new law would change things such that only the Union government would have the right to determine how online lotteries can operate. 

Isaac accuses the Union government of “conspiracy to help the powerful online lottery mafia”. He argues that if India’s lottery moves to the internet, more daily draws will be available than ever before. This increased availability, he says, could take a strong hold on people with gambling problems. Isaac insists that the law would “allow the operators of such lotteries to rob ordinary people of the country,” and he fears the consequences of State governments losing control of how their residents can gamble online. 

India is still struggling with online gambling legislation, and as this situation makes clear, not all lawmakers are in agreement regarding if and how internet gambling should be offered. Gambling in general is frowned upon by many in India, but like anywhere else in the world, the government sees it as a very strong potential source of revenue, and is interested in using gambling to fill its coffers, especially since players can easily play at foreign-hosted gambling sites.

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