Dozens Arrested in Turkish Gambling Scandal

Written by John M. on 2010-03-27 at 15:24
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Being that Turkey is a country in which most of the population practices Islam, people may find it surprising that, in comparison with the legislation in neighboring Muslim countries, Turkish gambling law is quite liberal. 

This, however, is the case and many different forms of gambling are legal and tolerated. These laws are subject to change and a perfect example can be seen in the fact that just a few years ago there were 80 casinos in the country and now there are none. 

At this point, most of the population is again against gambling, but those who like to can find a way easily enough. Online sportsbooks in Turkey are quite popular, but players can only access those which are based on foreign soil, outside of the motherland’s jurisdiction. 

A recent scandal has brought a lot of attention to such gambling establishments and has led to the arrest of no less than 46 people in Turkey. A recent raid that took place in over 26 Turkish towns and cities ended in the mass arrests which include even players and referees.  

Based on information which is currently available, the football match-fixing scandal which was revealed in Germany four months ago, has ties to over 200 different football matches in 11 different countries including Turkey. 

Reports indicate that with the scandalous activities which are under investigation in Turkey included, those who are involved in internet betting in Turkey and elsewhere may have reaped in a profit of over €10 million. Some 30 matches are believed to have been fixed in Turkey alone. 

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