Elegance is on its way out of Casino Gambling in Slovakia

Written by John M. on 2010-02-24 at 12:44
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The history of gambling in Slovakia is short but sweet. Up until 1989 all forms of gambling were outlawed throughout the nation. In 1990, the country went through massive changes and gambling was once again introduced to the public. 

Due to its not having been allowed for so long, the gambling industry was instantly popular upon its return. Casinos where constructed, the whole industry blossomed and is in development to this day.  

At this point, forms of gambling that are popular and allowed by Slovakian gambling law include: casino gambling, several lotteries, slots, pool bets, and sportsbooks. Outside of casinos, betting shops and different wagering facilities are quite common. 

Although the industry is still in development due to its intense popularity, many Slovakians claim that it has lost its original flare. Where the most popular games used to be the classic casino games like roulette and blackjack, current trends show that most people are now more attracted to automated games.  

As a result, the old style games are being pushed more to the side as automated games and slots take up more room on casino floors. This, however, is not the only change that gambling centers are going through. Apparently, elegance in even some of the nation’s largest casinos has taken a plunge. 

Where people used to get dressed up to go to a casino (think Daniel Craig in Casino Royale), nowadays people are looking a lot less classily clad. Whereas casinos used to be a matter of elegance for those who could afford it, they are now available to anyone, no matter how they’re dressed. 

The one exception to the Americanized “Let’s get automated!” trend is poker and other similar card games. Texas Hold’em especially is drawing a much larger crowd than was expected in Slovakia. 

As for internet gambling in Slovakia, the government still doesn’t license online casinos for operation, but there are many sites based on foreign soil available for use. These international sites work with local governments and both ends prosper. 

Due to the sudden popularity of Texas Hold’em, online poker sites in Slovakia are also enjoying a lot more traffic. Those who do not wish to get all spiffied up tend to gamble from home, but it seems that the current trend will continue in brick and mortar casinos. In economically difficult times like these, it’s not likely that casino will be enforcing dress codes.

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