European Court of Justice Looks into Online Gambling Issues in Sweden

Written by John M. on 2010-03-17 at 15:05
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As is the case in many of the European Union’s member states, and many nations throughout the world for that matter, gambling exists only in a monopoly in Sweden. Swedish gambling law is written in such manner that readers can be sure that the monopoly is in place through no accident. 

Though the only legal way to gamble in Sweden is through this monopoly, the company in charge is very thorough and locals can enjoy casino gambling, gambling machines, sportsbetting, poker games, and a lottery. 

Internet gambling in Sweden falls under the same regime. The Swedes are only supposed to visit sites that are supported by the Swedish government. This only becomes an issue because there are gambling sites and companies that have attempted to advertise their services within the nation’s borders. Such actions are punished through fines. 

The Swedish government claims that it protects its monopoly on online casinos in Sweden for good reason; to protect the people. If the government regulates internet casino and other gambling outfits and guarantees them fit for operation, then factors like addiction and getting ripped of our out of the question within the nation’s borders. 

Needless to say, Swedish government has come under fire on the issue by way of the European Union and other member nations. Some of the other nations would like to, and manage to tap into the Swiss gambling market. These states claim that the Swedish government is discriminating against their services.  

The issue has been pondered quite recently, and things are not looking good for the Swedish government or the gambling monopolies. The advocate-general on the issue , Yves Bot, suggests that the court rule that the current legislation doesn’t respect the principle of non-discrimination.

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