Formula One Betting On Redesign After Baku Is Bonkers

Written by Nich Moore on 2018-05-03 at 03:50
Formula One Betting Hamilton

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix served up everything one can possibly hope for from a F1 race however the powers that be at Liberty Media are still pushing a redesign of the cars to give the audience a better show despite the Baku street circuit serving up precisely what they want with the cars everyone is driving today. Is Formula One betting on some aerodynamic changes simply because they can't afford better tracks or do the Americans just have no clue what they're doing? We take a look.

  • Why make small changes to the cars when it's obviously the tracks that need it?
  • Will the 2019 regulations actually make the racing any better for the audience?
  • Is Formula One betting on minor adjustments because they can't afford wholesale reform?
  • Could Azerbaijan be the chaos race of the calendar every year from now on?

On paper it looks like a good plan. You fiddle with the cars to make overtaking easier, lean a little more on the much vaunted DRS and hope that the ongoing dominance of just two teams is eroded enough to keep the sport interesting. However the Azerbaijan GP produced, for the second year in a row, the very best in terms of spectacle and racing without any of that, and it would appear that rather than the cars needing to be changed it's the tracks that are the problem, albeit one far more tricky to solve by 2019.

Formula One betting on technical regulation changes rather than wholesale revamp is nothing new, but Baku's exciting drama laden race brought this piece-meal mediocrity into sharp focus. The sport needs to spend billions on better race tracks, not millions on a few small aerodynamic changes to the cars. After all Azerbaijan gave those of us that like to bet on sports in Spain everything we wanted to see. It had drama, excitement, rich boys doing stupid things and a result that surprised everyone involved.

Azerbaijan Produced The Race We Wanted To Watch

Fernando Alonso brought back to the pits a car missing both front and rear right tires, Romain Grosjean rammed a wall for no reason, Sebastian Vettel decided corners just don't count and in a moment of sheer muppetry Daniel Ricciardo rear-ended team mate Max Verstappen and took them both out. It even had the heartbreak of Valtteri Bottas in the lead by over a second with three laps to go getting a puncture and dropping out of the race. Formula One betting fans and Toto Wolff reacting alike I'm sure.

Formula 1 Baku Circuit


Of course if you're Spanish gambling news of Sergio Perez getting third place means the stranglehold of the top teams is waning, think again. There are few tracks that give as Azerbaijan does, and the expense of changing them all to be as exciting would be prohibitive, however Formula One betting for the race itself is, after last weekend's result, just a little bit more opportunity laden than usual, after all, the championship has closed up and there are grudging getting formed out on the track these days.

Formula One Betting On The Spanish Grand Prix Now Available

It might seem mercenary but we in the audience like to see hard fought rivalries between overpaid lunatics. A close season that diverges from any predictions, means better Formula One betting opportunities and a far more interesting spectacle for all concerned, if this means we have to listen to Lewis Hamilton whine about everyone else all the time, so be it. Those taking advantage of Spanish gambling laws to bet on the next race in Barcelona will note Lewis is not favorite to win there either.

Vettel is favorite on 6/4, Hamilton gets 13/8, there's a gaggle at 9/1 of Bottas, Ricciardo, Verstappen and Raikkonen, with Alonso getting 250/1 and everyone else somewhere in the stratosphere. Not that these long shots aren't a good piece of Formula One betting on the right day, but in Spain? No probably not a wise move. Azerbaijan is making a name for itself as being the chaos race of the calendar, and not everyone can hope to have a track as exciting, even if Red Bull decide to collide with each other again.

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