Gamblers Subject Vultures to Endangerment in Tanzania

Written by John M. on 2010-01-04 at 16:10
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Vultures prove to be amazing creatures with senses and instincts that at some points make them seem clairvoyant. As of late, this has proven to be a real double edged sword for the species native to Tanzania. 

The amazing senses and that help vultures to feed and survive in their environment have at the same time threatened their well-being in regards to their relationship with man. Superstition in Tanzania dictates that those who smoke or inhale the brains of these wonderful creatures will catch a glimpse into the future. 

As a result, over 1,000 vultures are killed per year in Tanzania alone for the sole purpose of harvesting their brains for smoking. The demand for the goods, unfortunately, is steadily maintained by gamblers. Gamblers would like to get a glimpse into the future to check out some lotto numbers etc. If the current trend continues, estimates indicate that vultures will be extinct in Southern Africa within the next 20 years. 

Tanzanian gambling laws permit gambling in all forms, but it is not yet widespread. There are a few casinos and gambling centers throughout the country, but the action has remained pretty low key. However, these land based games are popular to enough of a degree to endanger the local vulture population. 

Were more players to enjoy such activities via online gambling sites in Tanzania, maybe the vultures would be at less of a risk. Generally the superstition that is associated with online gambling is proven cacophony due to the international setting and completely random, computerized algorithms used. 

There are many online casinos in Tanzania, based both at home and abroad. The internet casinos that are actually based in Tanzania cater primarily with the locals. If more of Tanzanians make the switch from land-based gaming to online, vultures will likely fare better.

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