Gambling Horoscope This Week: January 08, 2018

Written by Amanda McWallace on 2018-01-08 at 04:14
Gambling Horoscope This Week: January 08, 2018 Gambling Horoscope This Week: January 08, 2018
A quick glance at the stars tells us everything we need to know about our future so lets take a look what they have waiting for you over the next seven days

Aries Gambling HoroscopeAries March 21 - April 19

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Aries Tom Clancy might well believe Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are attempting to replicate one of his novels but this week you'll be the one that seems to be being emulated, and it might not be as flattering as it sounds. If you can manage it this would be a good time to practice laughing things off, but if you can't at least don't blow your top and appear humourless, there are worse things in the world than people making jokes at your expense. Your lucky Italian footballer is Vincenzo Sommese of Nola.

TaurusTaurus April 20 - May 20

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Taurus Grace Jones may well consider Lady Gaga to be a descendant of the musical avenues she explored decades ago, but this week it'll be you that has to consider mentoring those that are following in your footsteps. You don't have to patronize or lecture, just dropping the odd hint will probably work equally as well, and has the added benefit of not getting the hackles up of those to whom things are all still very precious. Your lucky species of straight shelled Cephalopods is the Endoceras or “Inner horn”.

GeminiGemini May 21 - June 20

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Gemini Spalding Gray might well have penned “Swimming To Cambodia” but this week it'll be you that seems destined to go a long way, albeit at quite a cost. Deciding if the journey is worth it or the destination suitable is going to be something you should give a great deal of thought to, and don't make any decision without talking to those nearest to you about it first, and certainly don't leap at the opportunity before all the details have been explained. Your lucky Israeli diplomat is Dore Gold.

CancerCancer June 21 - July 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Cancer Camilla Parker Bowles may well not have had the Royal Wedding that Meghan Markle can expect in Windsor Castle this summer but this week you'll get everything you deserve as the heavens grant you one of the most lucky zodiac signs and its good fortune smiles down upon you. If you expected things to go wrong, thing again, things are just about to go very right, especially should you place the odd wager at BetVictor on the weekend. Your lucky cultivar of apples is the Lady Williams.

LeoLeo July 23 - August 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Leo Steve Carell may well star alongside Emma Stone in the “Battle Of The Sexes” but this week you'll be the one facing a challenge, and there won't be any opportunity to shy away, so don't even try it. Naturally there's more than one way to skin a cat so don't rush at things without careful consideration, you never know, a bit of lateral thought and this might not be quite the challenge that it at first appears. Your lucky Georgian composer is Aleksandre “Aleksi” Machavariani, born in Gori.

VirgoVirgo August 23 - September 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Virgo Richard Attenborough may well have given us television gems like “The Blue Planet”, “Life On Earth” and “The Old Grey Whistle Test” but this week it'll be you that creates an instant classic. Sure, the audience might not be as large as that of the BBC but among those present you're about to be a legend. Enjoy the plaudits, bask in the glory, remember you're still going to have to deal with the day to day chores regardless. Your lucky rock and blues bass guitarist is John Sauter of Decatur, Illinois, USA.

LibraLibra September 23 - October 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Libra Martina Navratilova may well be able to put a spin on a tennis ball you could never achieve, but this week you are going to have to cast a very favourable light on otherwise bad news if only to spare the morale of those involved. Letting people down gently is an art form in of itself and whilst you might not be skilled at its practice, it might be a good idea to give it your best shot as brusque and to the point won't be appreciated. Your lucky 1000 year old village in Norfolk, UK, is West Walton.

ScorpioScorpio October 23 - November 21

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Scorpio Elke Sommer may well have featured alongside Peter Sellars in the Pink Panther movie “A Shot In The Dark” but this week it'll be you that will have to take aim without necessarily being able to see your target. Fortunately you've the best horoscope for gambling and so should hit the mark regardless of how little vision you're given of your goal, and likewise should be able to pick some winners at BetVictor with very little effort. Your lucky school is the Botany Downs Secondary College.

SagittariusSagittarius November 22 - December 21

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Sagittarius Tom Waits may have sung about a “Downtown Train” but this week it'll be you that's heading toward the bright lights and if you don't quite get there before the weekend there will definitely be a sense that you're making progress and going in the right direction. Don't push anything too fast or hard, patience will gain you a firmer footing and, eventually, far better rewards for your efforts, so keep it slow and steady. Your lucky motor vehicle is the Daimler Stahlradwagen, the second he designed.

CapricornCapricorn December 22 - January 19

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Capricorn Joan Baez may well have lamented “Diamonds & Rust” back in 1975 but this week you'll have to take the good with the bad as you have a very mixed bag of a time. When things go well you'll be surprised at just how much you can achieve, when things go badly you'll be shocked at just how fast, and indeed how far, things can suddenly go south on you. Try to be sanguine about it, shouting and screaming won't help. Your lucky flower is the Orchis Simia, or Monkey Orchid, a protected species.

AquariusAquarius January 20 - February 18

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Aquarius Oprah Winfrey may well have famously given away cars to her audience on television, but this week it'll be you that has to offer up some assistance to those who'll be stunned to be offered any help at all. If their gratitude doesn't make your week you've a heart of stone, and the positivity you'll generate is destined to rebound on you in a myriad of little ways right the way through the week and weekend, so don't hold back, jump in. Your lucky novel by Habib R Sulemani is “The Terrorland”.

PiscesPisces February 19 - March 20

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Pisces Harry Belafonte may have starred in the hugely fabulous “The World, The Flesh & The Devil” but this week you'll not need to struggle alone in the aftermath of a holocaust, at least not if you head of disaster before it occurs. Luckily you've the perfect horoscope for betting so if you just trust your hunches and don't let considering the situation slow you from instinctively rectifying matters it should be okay, and with luck like that, check out BetVictor too. Your lucky motorcycle is the Honda XRE300.
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