Gambling Horoscope This Week: January 15, 2018

Written by Amanda McWallace on 2018-01-15 at 04:31
Gambling Horoscope This Week: January 15, 2018 Our weekly look at your star sign and what the heavens have in store for you over the seven days ahead
A quick glance at the stars tells us everything we need to know about our future so lets take a look what they have waiting for you over the next seven days

Aries Gambling HoroscopeAries March 21 - April 19

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Aries Susan Boyle may well have surprised the judges on Britain's Got Talent but this week you'll be the one that will have to confound the expectations of others. Fortunately you've the perfect horoscope for gambling this week and will probably manage to find the unlikely solution to ongoing issues if you just follow your instincts and not the slightly more rational avenues that have already proved fruitless, and the same applies to picking winners at BetVictor. Your lucky mathematician is Christine Darden.

TaurusTaurus April 20 - May 20

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Taurus Harvey Keitel might well have been the enigmatic Mr White in Quentin Tarantino's “Reservoir Dogs” but this week it'll be you that has to be the backbone of proceedings as things fail to go to plan despite all the effort certain people have put into arrangements. They might go to pieces but you should be able to wade through the panic and provide the support necessary to mitigate some of the small bumps on the road of progress. Your lucky album by Diana Krall is “The Look Of Love” from 2001.

GeminiGemini May 21 - June 20

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Gemini Stevie Nicks might have sung about a “Landslide” as part of Fleetwood Mac but this week you'll be the one that feels the ground is being pulled from under their feet as a sea change occurs you didn't see coming. Some nimble footwork should see you stay upright, and that's much preferred to falling into the obvious chasm, so be ready to change position and put a little effort into keeping your balance, especially around Thursday. Your lucky privateer is Claude Louis Deschiens de Kerulvay.

CancerCancer June 21 - July 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Cancer Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) may well given the planet “Father & Son”, “Wild World” and “Morning Has Broken” but this week people will have to dance to your tune as situations call for some immediate responses and not a committee meeting to decide a position. Quick reactions will be your ally here and whilst others argue for a more considered approach this is just one of those things that if need be done would be best to be done swiftly. Your lucky Nambian footballer is Jerome Louis.

LeoLeo July 23 - August 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Leo Tori Amos may well be the original “Cornflake Girl” and have been “Silent All These Years” but this week you'll have to speak out, not keep your counsel to yourself, if you want to avoid the rather ghastly repercussions that will follow on from the thoughtless actions of others. Don't worry about getting the phrasing right, you've the best horoscope for betting, so just go with your gut, and with that same instinct pick some winners at BetVictor. Your lucky Polish athlete is Kazimierz Kucharski.

VirgoVirgo August 23 - September 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Virgo Ronald Dahl may have entertained children down the generations with “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” and “The Fantastic Mr Fox” but this week it'll be you that feels like they're babysitting, even if most of the people you find yourself wrangling are past the age of eighteen by a couple of decades or more. Keeping your temper will be key, but do expect your patience to be stretched just a little thin and that staying civil will take effort. Your lucky plant endemic to Ecuador is Peperomia Arenillasensis.

LibraLibra September 23 - October 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Libra Olivia Newton-John might well have starred alongside John Travolta in “Grease” but this week you'll be the one that'll have to move like “Greased Lightnin'” if you want to take full advantage of some of the opportunities that will open up. It might catch you off balance but this is actually the moment you've been waiting for, so put your best foot forward and be ready to prove you can do all that might be asked of you. Your lucky modern fashion designer from Malawi is Lillian Koreia.

ScorpioScorpio October 23 - November 21

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Scorpio Fyodor Dostoevsky may well have written about “Crime & Punishment” and “The Brothers Karamazov” but this week you might feel more like you're dealing with “The Idiot Demons”, possibly all of your own making. Fortunately this will not be as arduous nor traumatic as it first appears and indeed by midweek everything should be back on the leash and you'll be able to enjoy a relatively relaxed weekend. Your lucky species of Fern is the Plummer's Cliff Fern or Woodsia Plummerae.

SagittariusSagittarius November 22 - December 21

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Sagittarius Tyra Banks may have cropped up on shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Glee” but this week you'll be the one that has to put in a fleeting appearance despite having no enthusiasm for doing so. Whether it's a meeting or a social occasion, bite the bullet and pop your head round the door, with one of the most lucky zodiac signs this week it'll be by no means as bad as you think, and that same good fortune could help you pick winners at BetVictor too. Your lucky US state is Pennsylvania.

CapricornCapricorn December 22 - January 19

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Capricorn John Denver may well have suffered through a “Rocky Mountain High” and felt the “Sunshine On My Shoulders” however this week it'll be your turn to get away from it all, even if you don't have to travel too far to do it. A rest must be as good as a change so take one, and if you can't manage to visit somewhere new, at least take the time to drain yourself of that frantic energy you've been using up since new year. Your lucky impact crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars is Kipini.

AquariusAquarius January 20 - February 18

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Aquarius Paris Hilton may well be more famous for her bedroom scenes than her great-grandfather is for Hilton Hotels, but this week you'll have to keep a far lower profile. This is no time to go sticking your head up over the parapet, and if others want to announce their every move, you let them, because there's no profit in anything but quiet efficiency. There will be a surprise around Friday but don't panic, it should be quite pleasant. Your lucky governor of Sindh Province in Pakistan is Hakim Said of Delhi.

PiscesPisces February 19 - March 20

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Pisces Jeff Daniels might have starred in works as diverse as “Dumb & Dumber” and “The Newsroom” but this week it'll be you that has to turn their hand to whatever arises, and if that makes you feel you're being dragged from pillar to post just be aware that your efforts are not going unnoticed, nor will they go unrewarded. Don't make plans for the weekend that involve large numbers of people, it'll only end in tears, very probably yours. Your lucky Australian author and ABC radio broadcaster is Melanie Tait.
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