Gambling Horoscope This Week: November 13, 2017

Written by Amanda McWallace on 2017-11-13 at 04:37
Gambling Horoscope This Week: November 13, 2017 Gambling Horoscope This Week: November 13, 2017
A quick glance at the stars tells us everything we need to know about our future so lets take a look what they have waiting for you over the next seven days

Aries Gambling HoroscopeAries March 21 - April 19

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Aries Keira Knightley may well have starred in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series but this week it'll be you that has to repel borders, or at the very least fend off some unwelcome advances, and if that means being a little more harsh than you would normally need be, so be it. Don't be brow beaten into accepting an imposition you're fully prepared to stomach, and any doubt at all that you should means there's probably no doubt you should refuse. Your lucky samurai is Nanbu Toshimasa of Japan.

TaurusTaurus April 20 - May 20

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Taurus George Takei may well have been Mr Sulu on Star Trek but this week it'll be you that has to boldly go where you've not been before, and if straying outside your comfort zone by quite so much feels a bit disturbing, take the time to look at the objective results before you scuttle back to the safety of the more familiar, you may find it well worth the slight discomfort for what can be achieved with a change in thinking. Your lucky railway locomotive is the Ee 3/3 from the French/Italian frontier.

GeminiGemini May 21 - June 20

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Gemini Natalie Portman may have been pivotal in the ghastly film adaptation of “V For Vendetta” but this week it'll be you that has to suffer through some embarrassment both of the present and also of recollection. The ghosts of the past might be difficult to escape, but you can mitigate the faux pas you make now with some well chosen words and putting your hands up to your errors in good time, obfuscation will aid you not one jot. Your lucky species of moth is the Orthaga Fumida of Sumatra.

CancerCancer June 21 - July 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Cancer Bill Cosby featuring as television's OB GYN Dr Huxtable may now need to be re-examined in light of the accusations made against him concerning the drugging and abuse of women, but this week it'll be you that has to go back over someone else's work just to double check everything is above board. Don't panic if it looks as if you've a mountain to scale with your near perfect horoscope for gambling follow your gut, be that at work or at BetVictor. Your lucky baseball pitcher is Marty Mason.

LeoLeo July 23 - August 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Leo Hope Solo may well be the best female goalkeeper in the world, and suffered sexual harassment at the hands of Sepp Blatter, but this week you'll be the one that makes an impressive save pulling everyone's fat out of the fire just in the nick of time. There'll be plenty of plaudits, some even from unexpectedly strange quarters, for this performance and you can spend the weekend resting on your laurels for once. Your lucky geographic water features are the T Lake Falls, highest in New York State.

VirgoVirgo August 23 - September 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Virgo Louis CK may well have had to postpone the release of his film “I Love You Daddy” following the recent allegations against him and unfortunately this week you too will have to shelve a long held plan for a while as more pressing matters arise. There will be lots to do and precious little time to do it and whilst it's a shame to have to delay on your dreams the practicalities of life will have to take precedence for the time being. Your lucky municipality in Parana, Brazil, is Assis Chateaubriand.

LibraLibra September 23 - October 22

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Libra Angela Lansbury may well have starred in “Murder She Wrote” but this week you'll be the one with a bit of a mystery to be solved. It might not be a matter of life and death but it's important to those involved and sorting out the truth from the lies would make everyone rest easier. There's going to be a social occasion to avoid later on the week so have an excuse to hand and if push comes to shove remember you can always just pop in and then out. Your lucky sailboat is Freedom 28 from the USA.

ScorpioScorpio October 23 - November 21

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Scorpio Richard Dreyfuss may well have starred in “Jaws” alongside Roy Schneider but this week you'll be the one vanquishing monsters and if that seems like a big ask just remember you have one of the most lucky zodiac signs this week and if you follow your gut instincts there's every chance you'll come out on top whether that's in domestic disputes, office politics or picking winners out of the English Premier League at BetVictor. Your Lucky Kenyan actor is Nicholas Munene Mutuma.

SagittariusSagittarius November 22 - December 21

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Sagittarius Britney Spears may well have just sold one of her own paintings for $10,000 to benefit the Las Vegas shooting victims but this week it'll be you that's in a position to help those in need and will have to set aside some time and energy to do so despite all the other little tasks that have been littering your plate of late. Prioritizing those without any other assistance over those with more than just you for aid will be a bit plus. Your lucky Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party is John Midgaard.

CapricornCapricorn December 22 - January 19

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Capricorn Justin Trudeau may well have made the right impression at a Jollibee Foods Corp in the Philippines and this week it's your chance to turn on the charm and swing some of those neutral opinions around to appreciation for what it is you do. You might not have an entire nation to take care of but that doesn't mean you aren't essential and if some people have forgotten it a tactful reminder at this point could be well overdue. Your lucky vessel is the 118 gun Ocean class ship Louis XIV of 1854.

AquariusAquarius January 20 - February 18

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Aquarius Zsa Zsa Gabor may well now regret not murdering Donald Trump back in the 1980s but this week it'll be you that has to pick over some of the less savory choices you've made and re-examine them to see if you can't learn the lessons that might be required so you don't sleepwalk yourself in making precisely the same mistakes all over again. Yes, you've done it all before, but some lessons need repeating, don't you think? Your lucky 1939 US comedy movie is “All Women Have Secrets”.

PiscesPisces February 19 - March 20

Your lucky online gambling sites this week
Pisces Harvey Weinstein may well have disgusted Hollywood and the world with the horrific allegations made by so many women against him but this week you'll have nothing but praise coming your way as you seem to have the Midas touch. Perhaps it's having the best horoscope for betting this week that will make it all seem so easy, but whatever it maybe this is the time to take a few risks be that in your social life or at BetVictor this weekend. Your lucky Italian Jurist is Oldradus De Ponte of Lodi.
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