Gambling in Colombia Faces Less Opposition but Taxed Hard

Written by John M. on 2010-04-25 at 14:46
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Seeing all of the progress that some of its Latin American neighbors are making through their compliance to the gambling industry, it’s no wonder that Colombia too has decided to embrace it little by little. 

At this point, the gambling industry in Colombia may seem to be underdeveloped in comparison to some of its neighbors, but there’s no denying that its blossoming, and quickly, to boot. The allure of the massive revenue that can be collected through taxing the industry is well enough to influence changes in Colombian gambling law, especially through economic hard times. 

So far, the lottery and casinos are the most popular forms of gambling that can be found in Colombian. Bogota is by far the gambling center of this nation with 12 different casinos already present. Sports betting is rising slowly in popularity, but poker has yet to catch on. Being that it’s very difficult to find a game of poker, a player's best bet is to play online poker in Colombia

Internet gambling in Colombia is legal due to the country’s very liberal stance on the issue. The government doesn’t yet license online gambling facilities, though that would be a very wise move on their part. However, they do nothing to prevent locals from playing at foreign based sites. 

Though the country has not yet begun to license online casinos, they have been going to great efforts to maximize profits gained through the industry. Recently they did so through new measures in taxing. The country is milking the industry through heavy taxes in order to finance a new health reform plan. They would be much better off to further liberalize the current laws. 

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