Gambling Policy in Cyprus: North vs. South

Written by John M. on 2009-11-11 at 12:09
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Cyprus is an island split on all matters. Gambling is no exception to this general rule. The southern part of the island is governed by Greek Cypriots while the northern half is governed by Turkish Cypriots. The island is divided in the middle by occupied area of military fortification.

Basically, the northern part of the island supports gambling in all manners imaginable and is home to many land-based casinos. The southern portion of the island has much stricter legislation in regards to gambling, but is also home to many small institutions where clients can gamble online.

The southern part of the island may lack in land-based casinos but, in general, Cypriots are pretty active gamblers. Even in the south there are many gambling shops and online casinos are very popular. The north, however, gets rich off the gambling industry and made an estimated €100 million in its casinos last year. Much of this profit came from the hands of foreigners which indicates that the gambling industry brings a lot of business to the hospitality industry as well.

It would be wise on behalf of the southern government to permit the building of casinos so that, it too, could flourish economically. Unfortunately, such action is not likely in the foreseeable future due to the political party in power.

All is not lost in the Southern end of Cyprus. Online gambling sites in Cyprus are very popular, especially in the south, where they represent one of the only channels through which enthusiasts can direct their business.

Internet gambling in Cyprus will remain popular until, and even after, land-based casinos are made legal in the southern half of the island. As long as the online casinos being accessed are licensed within the EU, the southern government has no problem with them. This is great for players because they do not have to deal with taxes.

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