Greece Will Use Gambling to Get Back on Track

Written by John M. on 2010-05-03 at 16:29
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Greece is one of the most studied countries in the ancient world and, needless to say, has a very rich and well documented history. Gambling is one of the many practices that goes back as far as some of the oldest documents found can reveal. 

Gambling has always been popular in Greece, but is at this point very confined and well regulated. Greek gambling law permits gambling in many forms, but only inside casino environments. Lucky for the Greeks, the country is now home to around 20 brick and mortar casinos. 

Though this may be the case, many of these casinos are located on remote islands or tourist destinations which, nevertheless, cuts down on their accessibility to the Greek people. In the event that a greek citizen would like to gamble, but can’t get to the closest facility, he or she is able to play at online casinos in Greece

The government is pretty strictly against internet gambling in Greece, but cannot really do anything to prevent it. The sites that most players visit are based on foreign soil, where online gambling is legal, and therefore, outside of the Greek government’s jurisdiction. 

Greece has fallen into serious financial trouble in the last few years and is one of the poorest nations in the Euro zone. They already regulate the industry very well, but new legislation will see the gambling industry taxed heavily in an effort to raise enough revenue to get the country out of the whole that it’s in now. 

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