Holland Casino Hacked as €1M Slot Jackpot Hits 7 Times in 4 Months

Written by Nick M. on 2011-04-23 at 16:40
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The Dutch Holland Casino Monopoly, created by Dutch gambling laws, is vigorously investigating a suspicious progressive slot with a €1,000,000 seed. The slot was hit ten times in 2010 and so far seven times this year, including two consecutive jackpots two day in a row.

The casino removed all 161 inter-connected Mega Millions Jackpot progressive video slots from all Holland Casinos throughout the country. A minimum bet of € 3.75 is required to activate the progressive jackpot.

This past Saturday, a 28 year old woman hit €1,049,000 Progressive Jackpot at the Holland Casino Rotterdam. The casino reset the seed and 72 minutes into the next day, a middle aged woman hit €1,008,000 Progressive Jackpot at the Holland Casino Groningen.

This was the third time this month alone that the Progressive Jackpot was hit on the Mega Million machine. This is the highest paying slot jackpot machine in the Netherlands. There are a number of jackpots over 2 million at foreign based online casinos in Netherlands .

According to the online gambling news in Netherlands, since January 2009, (28 months ago) the €1,000,000+ Jackpot was paid a total of 26 times for over €30,000,000 to 26 different individuals playing at different casinos.

Casino security, which initially considered the events non-related, writing it off as a fluke or a random event, are now examining every part of the network and each machine individually. A Holland Casino employee who declined to provide their name stated that technicians believe the slot machines may contain a malicious code capable of triggering jackpots.

So far, no tampering or evidence of fraud has been discovered. Twelve out of the twenty six winners are allegedly of Eastern European origin.

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