Hong Kong Gamblers Vital for Embraer’s Business

Written by John M. on 2009-12-10 at 17:20
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Generally, people don’t consider the gambling industry (online or offline) as a business sector that helps to keep other businesses afloat. In fact, that is exactly what it does in a number of cases. Thousands of people are employed through the gambling industry. Some companies depend on the demand of the industry’s needs to keep their businesses in operation. One such company is Embraer, a Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer.

Embraer produces luxury aircraft including the latest and most expensive $49 million Lineage 1000. Though the company is based in Brazil, it has focused its marketing to the wealthy in Asia. Hong Kong’s upper crust is being targeted in particular.

In an attempt to generate sales as the global economy makes a bounce back, Embraer took a few businessmen on what, according to research, seems to be one of the favorite pastimes of Hong Kong’s citizens – gambling. Embraer pilots recently spent an entire day flying wealthy Hong Kong residents to and from the Chinese gambling region of Macau in luxury jets.

Gambling is very popular in Hong Kong and according to recent studies, a jaw-dropping total of 81% of the adult population admits to have gambled within the last year. Hongkongese gambling law prohibits many forms of gambling. Horseracing and Mahjong parlors are two of the few forms permitted. As a result there is a significant market for travel to Macau, which is relatively nearby.

Also a result of the strict gambling laws is the surge to internet gambling in Hong Kong. Those players who cannot afford such luxuries as Embraer travel and trips to Macau find themselves more than welcome at online gambling sites in Hong Kong. This too, is prohibited by the government, however, it has no jurisdiction over foreign sites. Some such sites even accept the Hong Kong dollar.

Lucky for Embraer, there are quite a few businessmen in Hong Kong who are interested enough in gambling to keep the aircraft manufacturer afloat. They, may not buy the Lineage 1000, but small models have seen a boost in business.

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