Hongkongese Gambling Law Brings Justice on Disrespectful Gambler

Written by John M. on 2010-02-26 at 10:13
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Though gambling is a very popular pastime among Hong Kong’s residents, Hongkongese gambling law forbids it in most of its forms. As a matter of fact, horseracing is the only form of gambling allowed on land in the small country while there is just one casino cruise ship operating in the waters near Wanchai.  

There are many complaints that gambling laws in Hong Kong are too strict, but usually those who really wish to gamble just make the short trip to Macau, China. Unfortunately, as is the case with many laws, it’s just a few bad apples that make the rest of the batch look bad. Such is the case with Lai Chun, an irresponsible and disrespectful gambler from Hong Kong. 

Lai, an eighteen year old who already has a colorful criminal record, has recently pulled off an appalling stunt. After his grandmother, who raised him since age 11, passed away, Lai embarked on an elaborate scheme in which he received money for her burial from the government and blew it all in four short hours in Macau.  

The young construction worker left his grandmothers remains in the morgue for a solid year before his was caught and brought to justice. By the time his maneuvers were discovered, he was already serving time in a correctional facility for smuggling. 

Lai was convicted of grand larceny for stealing the $10,750 he was allotted by the government for his grandmother’s burial and was sentenced to an additional six months in the same correctional facility. The judge made it a point to condemn Lai and express how disrespectful his actions were. 

Gambling in Hong Kong is not possible in most locations and this is partially due to cases like these. One bad case may spoil what is a harmless and exciting pastime for the rest of society. Lucky for those who still wish to gamble responsibly, Internet gambling in Hong Kong is possible. 

Punters can access many online casinos in Hong Kong, and gamble right from home. The government doesn’t license online casinos, but the ones that players can access are based in nations where online gambling is legal, and the government of Hong Kong has no jurisdiction. Players should always gamble responsibly; this is the only route to more acceptable legislation.

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