India's Police Focus on Cricket Cup Gambling as Violent Crime Rises

Written by Nick M. on 2011-03-23 at 21:08
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India’s law enforcement has heeded The International Cricket Council’s call to stop all illegal betting on the Cricket World Cup at all costs. Showing true dedication, all law enforcement resources were redirected towards raids on tea houses, restaurants and hotel rooms housing the stars of India’s underworld.

Despite the best efforts by the police and the reported 100 million punters who bet on sports in India, arrests were sporadic and unimpressive. Informants indicate that currently the majority of Indian punters are placing their bets on cricket through the internet.

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The punters who still bet with dodgy local bookies continued to experience problems during the World Cricket Cup as well as throughout the rest of the year.

The latest police raid, prior to the India-West Indies match yielded a poor crop of four crippled bookies. The police proudly displayed their catch as if the elderly men, dressed in rags and badly in need of a dentist, were the leaders of the Mangalorean Mafia.

In a much publicized event, police discovered that a tiny tea shop was luring people to place bets on the cricket matches. Cops immediately raided the teashop, arresting the elderly men and confiscating Rs 14,000, four mobile phones and a small color TV.

A few hundred kilometers away, police raided a dilapidated roadside motel where another batch of bookies was apprehended. The TV, bolted to the motel room’s wall, could not be successfully pried off and was not impounded.

According to strict Indian gambling laws, it’s illegal to bet on any sporting event except horse racing. Both politicians and police claim that the elimination of violent organized crime cartels that operate massive illegal gambling dens is the primary reason for dedicating so much time and money on flushing out and arresting bookmakers.

So far, only a cartel of physically disabled elderly tea connoisseurs has been successfully uncovered as well as some youngsters in a zero star motel, too poor to buy a television set.

In the meantime violent crime in India is on the rise as vicious rapes, and shootouts between organized crime syndicates are a daily occurrence. Most residents agree that police should focus on catching violent criminals and legalize all sportsbetting for the much needed revenue boost to improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

Politicians and law enforcement strongly disagree, citing recent arrests as undeniable proof of the dangers of sportsbetting and the necessity for the raids.

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