Indian Gambling Law Makes Unjust Ban on Lottery

Written by John M. on 2010-04-14 at 16:30
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India is a very large country with a massive population harboring over 1 billion individuals. Quite a few of its citizens are fans of the gambling industry, however, Indian gambling law prevents them from exercising their passions. 

Most regions within India outright ban all forms of gambling outside of the national lottery. All other legal forms of gambling in the nation are restricted to the region known as Goa, where five different casinos can be found. 

The casinos located in Goa are only permitted to offer machine games to players. If players want to play table games they must go on one of the local casino cruise ships. Just about the only other gambling option for citizens is to play at online casinos in India

Internet gambling in India is possible because most online casinos are based on foreign soil, out of the Indian government’s jurisdiction. As the gambling laws throughout the country seem to be getting stricter, it’s likely that internet gambling will become more popular. 

An example of Indian gambling law getting stricter was set very recently in the Pune region. Prior to the most recent change in law, there were two and three number lotteries running in the city. Legislators swept down on the existing lotteries and banned them in what seemed an unjust move. The city will suffer being that they’ve now lost a great revenue stream. 

However, being that the ban was legislated directly for two and three number lotto’s, it’s likely that a new four number lotto will be emerging in the next few weeks. As they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” 

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