Indian Policeman Promotes Online Gambling Censorship

Written by Nick M. on 2011-01-04 at 11:47
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The Malayali ethnic group, which dominates the Indian state of Kerala, has recently been introduced to online gambling to the dismay of local law enforcement. According to Kerala police sources, this largely illiterate segment of Indian society has been targeted by individuals employed by online casinos who teach them how to place bets online using local internet cafes. The middlemen also teach the Malayali people how to use credit cards to transfer money into virtual chips to play online casino in India.

Director General of Police, Jacob Punnoose, stated that “The opportunity is very high in India and the agents of these gambling firms scout for suitable partners in Kerala who can give the consumers the perfect ambiance for indulging in illegal internet gambling.” Mr. Panoose is in favor of using internet censoring filters to block online gambling websites located outside India and his jurisdiction.

Since strict gambling laws in India require the police to witness the physical transfer of currency between gamblers to make an arrest, police are unable to intervene in online casino gambling. The mostly corrupt police force used to easily locate and arrest gamblers who gathered in private residences, behind their dwellings or at private clubs. Now most of the Malayali gamble in the privacy of internet cafes – thus untouchable by law enforcement. Local police and politicians are preparing to petition the national government to strengthen the current Indian gambling laws.

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