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Written by John M. on 2009-12-17 at 17:13
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When punters venture to online gambling sites or into any casino around the world, they are likely to run into a game or two that has a theme based on ancient Egypt. This is by no means a coincidence as Egypt has been a gambling center for much of the worlds recorded history and even before.

As a society today, we can look back on the ways of Ancient Egyptian people by meticulously going through the extremely well preserved and recorded tombs that are found from time to time. In such tombs, archeologist have happened upon many indicators of the ancient civilizations passion for gambling including dice that date back as early as 1,500 BC and a large array of board games that predate the third century BC.

Even in Egypt, attitudes towards gambling have fluctuated throughout time leaving us with periods of profound gambling and dry times as well. Currently, Egyptian gambling laws permit pretty much every form of gambling. Egypt is one of the most gambling nations in Africa and home to 20 casinos.

At present, poker and sportsbetting are gaining momentum and becoming very popular in Egypt where they weren’t really popular before. Also coming slowly to light are online casinos in Egypt. There is no legislation on the subject, for the time being, so Egyptians are able to use foreign internet gambling sites freely.

When it comes to internet gambling in Egypt, there are, unfortunately, no actual Egyptian sites. However, there are many sites that happily accept Egyptians and even a few that offer game play and navigation in Arabic. It appears that the adage again proves true: “History repeats itself.” Once again, gambling is popular in Egypt.

Gambling in Egypt has been a prevalent pastime since at least 1,500 BC and current online gambling law and legislation doesn’t hesitate to permit it.

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