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Written by Alex N. on 2011-12-09 at 17:38
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Richard Bronson, who now heads US Digital Gaming and was formerly a wiz at Wynn Resorts, is forecasting the legalization of online poker sites in United States within the next year.

His company is ready to accommodate any type of legalization with its turnkey solutions including a highly efficient age-verification technology and geo-location software, which ensures that local residents are excluded from gambling activities, prohibited in their own states.

Speaking to United States gambling news Bronson revealed that US Digital Gaming spent over $75,000 with Patricia Lynch Associates on lobbying the legalization move. The company is also ready to provide financial handling technology and a set of online games.

Bronson doubts that the federal American gambling laws will ever allow legal online poker, and his company is concentrating on encouraging individual states lawmakers to see the benefits of legal online poker in the country.

He shared his views with the media: “Here’s the bottom line. When Steve Wynn and I were in business 20 years ago and going around the country and talking to states to legalize casinos, it was like abortion or the death penalty, a highly controversial subject.”

Bronson added: “Today it’s not even controversial anymore in that regard. States now look at gaming revenue as legitimate revenue sources. There are currently 23 states that have full casino gambling.”

Bronson revealed that his company has spent a lot of time talking about the legalization of online gaming in New York state, taking into consideration of the states' rights to pass intrastate law.

He commented: “These are states' rights issues, meaning Tenth Amendment states' rights issues. Just like gay marriage will never be legalized on a national level, and the sale of marijuana will never be legalized on a national level, but can be legalized on a state-by-state level.”

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