Major Decisions Still Based on Flawed Information

Written by John M. on 2009-10-20 at 14:29
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Recent research in the United Kingdom may give hope to current and future legislation in the European Union, in regards to the heated subject of online gambling. Dr. Jonathon Parke has brought about revelations that show the flaws in the content of the research done by some other “experts.”

Dr. Mark Griffiths recently released the results to his online gambling based research to EGR Magazine. According to his studies, “online gambling is ten times more likely to cause problem gambling incidents, than land-based gambling.“ Based on his data, Griffiths came to the conclusion that this is because of the nature of the internet and that higher precautions should be required for online gambling.

According to Parke, an important figure in the Center for the Study of Gambling at Salford Business School, Griffiths did not properly maintain the statistic variables in his research. Apparently, Griffiths‘ researchers did not distinguish between the frequency of reported gambling and/or whether online patrons were also participants in other forms of gambling.

It was also pointed out that Griffiths‘ working partner, Professor Jim Orford, is the head of an organization that has been fighting to stop the expansion of gambling for two years. The obvious, potential bias that may have caused certain results in the research to be flawed is another reason that Parke has attacked the merits of this research.

Legislation on online gambling in UK and throughout Europe may be based on potentially flawed research as this case shows. In order for the internet gambling industry to flourish, more research must be done, more accurately.

Regulation of this industry may help bring many countries out of the current economic depressions from which they’re suffering. All we ask for is fair play.

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