Malaysia’s Illegal Bookies Find Refuge Online

Written by Michael F. on 2009-12-04 at 13:46
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According to Malaysian gambling laws, all forms of sports betting in the country are illegal, with the exception of horse racing. Despite this fact, betting on international football matches is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Illegal sportsbook operators face up to five years in prison and fines upwards of 200,000 ringgit ($57,000) if convicted, but thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever for them to flourish without being shut down.

In years gone by, sports betting relied on books and papers and pens. Everything was manual, and paper trails were hard to cover up, making it easy for authorities to detect and trace illegal sports betting operations. Today, many of Malaysia’s sportsbook operators have moved online, making them much harder to detect. Bookies stay one step ahead by adjusting to new technology, and by finding new and innovative ways of communicating with punters.

The growth of online sportsbooks in Malaysia has given the country’s sports betting industry a significant boost, with more and more revenue being generated each year. Today, it is estimated that $10 billion is generated each year through illegal sports betting in the country. Punters are aware that sports gambling is illegal, but as one sports bettor said, “Placing a bet is so convenient and easy that you sometimes forget it's illegal.”

The increase in the number of underground bookies in Malaysia means that authorities are working harder than ever to find them and to shut them down. This has prompted bookies to become even more aggressive, and many have been promoting their services more and more in recent months, especially with the Cup Finals coming up next year in South Africa. Authorities are finding it difficult to keep up, so for now, there appears to be no end in sight for the spread of illegal betting operations in Malaysia.

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