Man Wins €4.8 Million on Online Gambling Site in Norway

Written by John M. on 2010-03-10 at 12:28
Norwegian gambling laws – GamingZion
When an observer takes Norwegian gambling law into consideration, it becomes pretty obvious that the country is quite liberal when it comes to brick and mortar gambling facilities. Almost all forms of gambling are currently allowed. 

This is a smart move as the revenue stream that can be swept up by way of gambling is massive. The Norwegians love to gamble and the government and the people as a whole benefit from the industry.  

The companies that provide the Norwegians with gambling facilities and venues are government controlled to make the whole process easier. The gamblers feel a sense of security due to this and the government holds nothing back. Casinos, sportsbooks and lotteries are all quite popular and plentiful. 

Though the industry is quite advanced in Norway, there are still some steps that the nation could take to beef up its coffers. For one, they could be much more open to internet gambling in Norway. Recent initiatives, however, show that the government would like to take steps to prevent countrymen from gambling online. Few are content as Norway cracks down on online gambling

Regardless of where the laws may be headed, it is still very possible play at online casinos in Norway. As one very lucky Norwegian man can tell you, you’ve got a shot at getting very rich while doing so! 

Very recently, a Norwegian man made a fortune while playing at an online casino from his home country. The man placed a €5 bet on a progressive online slot and was, needless to say, surprised to find that he had won a massive jackpot of €4.8 million. It’s a good thing that he made away with his prize before the government did away with online gambling!

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