Mexican Army and Drug Cartel Killers Have Gun Fight in Packed Casino

Written by Nick M. on 2011-01-24 at 08:17
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On January 17, over 300 tourists and locals were gambling at the Casino Royale in the ritzy exclusive area of San Jeronimo Monterrey, Mexico as a platoon of heavily armed and masked special narco-army forces burst in and immediately opened fire. The early morning raid was carried out after an undercover informant at a online casino in Mexico revealed that two high ranking assassins of the Juarez Cartel would be gambling inside the Mexican casino.

At the time of the raid, the casino, licensed under Mexican gambling laws, was crowded with gamblers who tried to hide or escape the hail of fired exchanged between different groups of individuals and the army unit. Reports indicate that not all the customers were terrified, shocked or crying as they hid from the hail of bullets. For unknown reasons a significant number of gamblers were also heavily armed despite the presence of metal detectors at the entrance to the casino and began exchanging gun fire among themselves and the police.

Within a short time army and police reinforcements arrived, and gamblers who were either unarmed, or had no more ammunition, began escaping from the casino through an area containing advertisements for online sportsbooks in Mexico. The original two alleged cartel assassins, who were the cause of the assault, were apprehended outside the casino and removed to an undisclosed location.

Local media reported that hundreds of shell casings, pistols and sub-machine guns were found throughout the gambling area that was covered with bullet holes. During the confusion, unknown individuals managed to rob the cashier cages and remove all the casino security tapes.

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