Mumbai Police Enforce Indian Gambling Laws by Raiding Lottery Centers

Written by Nick M. on 2011-04-26 at 00:23
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The Social Service Branch (SSB) of the Mumbai police must have been given extra coffee rations laced with amphetamines as daily press releases describe a cascade of raids and arrests of evil doers throughout the city for the third straight week.

Over the past two weeks, SSB has been exclusively focused on raiding establishment operating out of massage parlors and hair salons that procured prostitutes for wealthy executives. The case led police to a location rumored to house an Indian internet casino but no suspects were arrested and the exact location was never found.

In a series of daring police raids, dozens of ‘enslaved’ hardened sex workers have been ‘freed’ while the brothel’s employees, business owners, and even the building owner in one case, have been arrested on Sex Trafficking charges.

The biggest raid of the week, according to online gambling news in India, focused on Haircool Salon and Beauty Clinic where five hookers were ‘rescued’ and the manager and cashier were arrested.

The salon operated for over twelve years, as local residents became used to seeing a line of up to 30 men patiently wait outside starting at around three o’clock each day.

This week the valiant members of Mumbai SSB police are commencing a series of raids against villains loitering around lottery centers throughout Mumbai. So far, 55 arrests for various violations of Indian gambling laws have been made, including customers, managers, passersby and lottery centre owners in Mumbai.

The raids were carried out to stop the illegal trade and sale of lottery tickets in East Mulund, a suburban neighborhood in northeastern part of Mumbai.

The raids were led by top SSB investigators, who by using a confidential informant, had the locations of all four businesses ready at hand. The raid was carried out at the centers by the SSB team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (SSB) Vasant Doble and Senior Inspector Arvind Sawant.

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