Netherlands Gov. May Sell Pernicious Holland Casino Gambling Monopoly

Written by Brian M. on 2011-01-28 at 12:54
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According to Frans Weekers, a junior finance minister, the Dutch cabinet is now sincerely contemplating the sale of the Holland Casino group, a government owned gambling monopoly according to Dutch gambling laws. Weekers informed members of the Dutch Parliament, “We are looking at privatisation. It is not taboo.”

The Dutch government maintains concerns that Holland Casino will carry on working to combat money laundering and compulsive gambling, so they hope to safeguard against the gambling firm transforming into a private monopoly. Moreover, any private proprietor who failed to deal properly with criminal funds and gambling addiction would have his licence revoked.

Holland Casinos have been on a downswing because of the global economic crisis and competition from internet casinos in the Netherlands. The circumstance in Leeuwarden has declined to the point where 33 were fired from the Netherlands fairly legal state monopoly, Holland Casino.

While Holland Casino has 14 operations and has certainly remained popular enough contribute €164 million to the government treasury in 2009, one visitor to a Holland Casino in Amsterdam berated this land-based casino declaring “I gambled there a few times. [I] hate the entrance fee: 5 Euros to get in! Wall to wall hustlers and hoes. I am tripping my brains of on ‘shrooms, sitting at roulette table. To right of me sits [a] gorgeous blond in evening gown, to left of me some guy who has full proof system. They [are] talking to me at same time, but i [am] tripping, and I don’t get a word. I can barely put chips on [a] color. Overall, I give that casino [a] low score. I [ran] out of there… Online Casinos [in the Netherlands] are safe and hassle free.”

Players hope that private casino owners will be better motivated to provide players with a better gambling experience, but fear they there is little hope for improvement as long as Holland Casino remains without competition in the Dutch gambling market.

The Dutch cabinet intend to publicize their new gambling policy this March.

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