New Gambling Venue Given the ‘OK’ in New Zealand

Written by John M. on 2010-03-24 at 15:48
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When people conjure up images of nations where gambling is popular, New Zealand is usually not anywhere the top of the list, if it’s on the list at all. This, however, is a big misconception as the kiwis are big fans of this exciting way to pass the time. 

On a yearly basis, New Zealanders spend over $2 billion dollars on gambling. Gambling is a huge part of local culture and the average adult in New Zealand spends roughly $41 on various games every week.  

New Zealanders are able to do so at any of the 7 brick and mortar casinos located throughout the country as well as at race tracks, bingo halls and numerous betting shops. All of these institutions are licensed and made possible by New Zealand gambling laws

These venues are subject to some laws, namely those which limit their numbers. A brand new betting venue is soon to be set up in Manukau City. Due to the limiting laws, this operation cannot be thrown into action until one of its competitor and already operating betting venues goes under or retires. 

Lucky for the new facility, the similar betting venue at Pakuranga Town Centre will be closing sometime in the future. Once this happens the new venue will be built. They’ve already received the consent of the local council. 

Gambling opportunities in New Zealand are everywhere and this doesn’t exclude the internet. Internet gambling in New Zealand is just as popular as its land-based counterpart. Of all the forms of gambling available to kiwis on the internet, online sportsbooks in New Zealand are the most popular. 

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