Nigerian Counterfeiters Gamble at Holland Casino and Lose Big

Written by Nick M. on 2011-03-06 at 07:47
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Past Sunday at 8 in the evening, police were summoned to Holland Casino after casino security detained two Nigerian Dutch nationals on suspicion of using counterfeit currency. A brief investigation revealed that the two men, 30 and 32 years of age, were detained when employees became suspicious after noticing an unusual pattern of behavior the men exhibited.

Under current Dutch gambling laws, Holland Casino Monopoly is the only licensed operator of gambling establishment within Netherlands.

When casino security confronted the two men, they were in the process of exchanging 5000 Euros for casino chips for the 5th consecutive time, always returning 10-20 minutes later to exchange the chips back into Euros. During the 10-20 minute interlude the two men loitered around the casino’s Dutch poker rooms.

After puzzled employees noticed this curious pattern, casino security was notified. The examination of the 50 Euro notes, allegedly used by the suspects, determined them to be counterfeit.

The men denied that the counterfeit money was theirs and violently resisted arrest. A search of the suspect’s car revealed boxes of counterfeit currency and over 50,000 Euros in legitimate bank notes. Police suspect that the authentic 50,000 Euros have already been exchanged at some point earlier by the suspects.

Police remanded the pair, and are investigating the source of the counterfeit currency. Police believe that the pair is part of an international syndicate which prints, exchanges or sells counterfeit currency. Police released a statement warning the general public and especially shop owners to be vigilant when dealing with 50 Euro notes, since over the past month, a very large number of counterfeit notes has been detected in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Advocates of a legalized Dutch internet casino quickly pointed out that Holland Casino is the chief location of money laundering in the country. They reminded the public that when online casinos finally become licensed, it would be practically impossible for criminal organizations to launder money through them.

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