Philippines Arrests for Illegal Gambling up 600% With Zero Results

Written by Nick M. on 2011-09-02 at 06:16
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The government of Philippines spurred on by the Catholic Church is continuing its useless and costly war against some forms of gambling while building plush casinos and operating other forms of gambling through its monopoly.

According to online gambling news in Philippines, between January and July of 2011, the province of Western Visayas conducted 647 raids against operators of illegal gambling compared to only 155 operations during the same time in 2010.

Police Regional Office-6 (PRO6) director Chief Supt. Cipriano Querol, proudly described to reporters the thousands of arrests, the confiscation of betting sheets and the round the clock fight that hundreds of police officers.

At the conclusion of the conference he reminded reporters to wait for police protection before walking to their cars since it was already becoming dark outside.

For some strange reason not a single reporter asked the Police Director if perhaps fighting real crime 24 hours each day which made it unsafe to walk outside during dusk would be of higher value than busting up illegal lottery.

These government efforts all stem to end the game of jueteng which for unfathomable reasons the government refuses to regulate. Jueteng is a form of roulette except instead of the spinning wheel and numbers there are two large dice with 36 numbers on each.

Spectators make bets on the results of the two dice thrown and could win a significant sum of money off a small bet due to the tiny odds (1 in 1500 or more) of the number they chose coming up.

While the government sells lottery and provides roulette at its casinos it will not budge against jueteng which is the one game beloved by the people.

The Philippine people have rightfully disregarded the Presidential Decree No. 1602 as amended by Republic Act 9287 which is the Philippines gambling laws illegal gambling.

Let freedom ring and legalize, tax and regulate jueteng in Philippines or play it online at these foreign based online gambling sites in Philippines.

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