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Written by John M. on 2010-01-22 at 14:24
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Over sixty years ago Paraguayan gambling law, was at its peak in terms of liberality. All forms of gambling were permitted and punters could have a field day whenever they pleased. Today the laws have changed to a certain degree, but Paraguayans are still able to gamble should they choose to do so. 

The forms of gambling that are still prevalent and very popular include gambling at casinos, bingo halls, the national lottery and a state-run sports book. Outside of these main forms, gambling is not permitted in Paraguay. 

Though this may seem like a small selection in comparison with other countries, it largely reflects the demands of the country’s inhabitants. If there were more of a demand for games like poker, the government would legalize that too, in order to collect a solid source of revenue from the games. 

The Paraguayan gambling industry has become progressively more regulated through the years. At this point, there are only three casinos in operation. There were more prior to the government’s crackdown on illegal gambling in 2005. At this point all gambling operations must be reported to and approved by the National Committee of Games of Chance. Without the committee’s consent, operations are shut down promptly. 

Internet gambling in Paraguay is subject to a different case entirely. Whereas the land-based gambling industry grows evermore regulated, there isn’t even mention of online gambling in Paraguayan gambling law. 

As a result, online casinos in Paraguay are gaining popularity. This can be attributed to their easy accessibility, great game selection and bonuses. This industry has yet to be regulated, but in the event that it is in the future, the government could turn over a great profit. Obviously, the Paraguayan government has realized the benefit of allowing a well regulated industry.

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