Russian Roulette Illegal According to Gambling Law for a Good Reason

Written by John M. on 2010-03-28 at 15:03
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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the gambling industry in the Russian Confederation went unobserved for quite some time. As a result, it turned into a booming business and blossomed exponentially. 

This was the case until late 2006 when Russian gambling law changed and the industry was almost wiped clean. Laws were also passed and operations were taken out in the end of last year as the government attempted, and successfully cleaned the streets of slot shops. 

At this point, gambling has been completely relocated to some of Russia’s more remote destinations. This is not the case in regards to sportsbooks which still operate all over the country. Gamblers can also enjoy their favorite pastime going to play at online casinos in Russia

Some forms of gambling, unfortunately associated with Russia, is illegal, has always been illegal, and should be illegal in all the countries throughout the world. This game is known the world over as Russian Roulette. 

According to legend, this game started in Russian prisons where the guards would force prisoners to play while they placed bets on who would be the one to shoot himself. Not a very classy form of gambling, if it can be considered gambling at all. 

At a Russian wedding, very recently, one of the guests pulled forth a pistol which he allegedly thought was empty. He proceeded to pull the trigger and was rewarded with an empty clip. He then asked who else would like to play and show their bravery. 

Another unlucky guest volunteered and upon pulling the trigger unleashed a rubber bullet into his own skull. He is now receiving medical attention at a hospital and remains in very poor condition complete with brain damage and paralysis. 

When it comes to internet gambling in Russia or any other form, for that matter, players are usually in good hands and safe from danger, but responsibility is a large part of the fun. Gamblers need to remember to play responsibly and know their limits. 

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