Saudi Arabian Man Borrowed $10 Million to Gamble in UK

Written by John M. on 2010-04-04 at 15:34
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Saudi Arabia is a country stricter than most when it comes to the gambling industry. Though there may be quite a demand for this innocent pastime among the more secular citizens, the fact that the country is dominated and governed according to the laws of Islam make Saudi Arabian gambling law one set of laws which is not likely to change any time in the near future. 

Gambling is not currently allowed in any form whatsoever. This powerful nation doesn’t even run any form of lottery. Most of its citizens support this system but there is a small gambling black market present. Due to its illegality, many Saudi Arabians haven’t even heard of blackjack and poker! 

As a result to gambling’s being completely prohibited in this nation, those in the country who still wish to gamble have only two options. They can either go abroad to gamble or play at online casinos in Saudi Arabia

Internet gambling in Saudi Arabia can be very difficult due to the fact that the government doesn’t offer licenses to online casinos and aggressively filters the internet in an attempt to keep citizens from accessing them. Sites based on foreign sites give the government a lot of trouble, however, because they are outside the nation’s jurisdiction. 

Many Saudi gamblers simply go abroad in order to gamble their fill. One such man recently surfaced amidst a lot of trouble in the United Kingdom. Fahad Al Tamimi, the president of a prestigious company Saudi Consulting Co., is apparently an avid gambler. 

Unfortunately, Tamimi seems to be approaching this pastime irresponsibly and has borrowed a total of over £7,000,000 ($10,640,000) in order to fuel his compulsive habit. Players should remember that the best and most successful gamblers are the ones which know when to stop! 

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