Slow But Steady Increase of Gambling in Nicaragua

Written by John M. on 2010-01-20 at 10:26
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Some countries are just flat out big on gambling while others take more time to warm to the idea and all the benefits that it offers. Nicaragua is a nation that saw about 30 years of gambling being completely illegal in recent history. In the last few years the bans on gambling have been slowly lifted, and the industry is enjoying a gradual swell in popularity. 

These days there’s a large variety of gambling opportunities to be found in Nicaragua. Casinos, race tracks and poker venues are now completely legal according Nicaraguan gambling laws. Due to the initial lack in demand, there are still few casinos working in the small country. 

At this point there’s a total of 10 brick-and-mortar casinos under operation in Nicaragua, 2 of which are run by executives in Las Vegas. The same company has recently announced plans to open an internet casino based in Costa Rica, and accessible to Nicaraguans. 

Being that casino accessibility is somewhat low, internet gambling in Nicaragua is a very viable option to satisfying a player’s everyday needs. However, as the industry is getting more popular, plans are underway to develop the land-based industry further. 

Nicaragua’s government has no formal policy in place in regards to online gambling. It’s completely legal as long as locals are playing on foreign based legal internet gambling sites like the new one soon to be launched from Costa Rica. There are a plethora of sites that offer play conveniently in Spanish. 

While the pastime’s popularity continues to grow, players can do as they wish offline or at online casinos in Nicaragua. Regardless, it’s undeniable that after years of being suppressed, gambling’s popularity is on the rise.

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