Strict Prohibition vs. High Demand Forces Iranians to Gamble Online

Written by John M. on 2010-01-27 at 11:53
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There are many nations around the world where gambling in some form or another is strictly prohibited by law, but the demand still runs high. One prime example of this situation can be found in contemporary Iran. Many attribute this activity to novelty. 

Many want to gamble just because it’s not permitted. Whether or not this is the case, it’s undeniable that the current demand is running very high. Statistics at UK based gambling sites indicate that more and more are turning to internet gambling in Iran

If Iranian gambling law were to relax a bit and allow brick and mortar facilities, nationals would not have to flock to the internet to satisfy their urges, and the government could collect constant revenue through the industry. 

This is a deeply rooted issue based on the foundation of Iranian law. Iranian law is based on Islamic law which does not allow gambling in any form. Because the society is rendered religious through its government, it is not likely that these laws will change anytime in the near future. 

For those citizens who, contrary to the highly enforced law, would still like to relax and gamble a bit, there are many online casinos in Iran that are based on foreign soil and, therefore, outside the jurisdiction of the government. 

Accessing these foreign based internet casinos is quite simple. Most people choose to go through proxy servers based elsewhere. There are plentiful online gambling centers that happily accept Iranian players. There are also many third party payment methods that make deposits and withdrawals very simple. Players from the US also take this route when they gamble.

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