Swindler Who Hustled Holland Casino for 1 Million Euro Day In Court

Written by Nick M. on 2011-03-18 at 16:36
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After two long years of postponements, the trial of the infamous con-artist, Theodore K, has finally begun in Alkmaar. The case is extremely murky because even to this day prosecutors aren’t sure of the real name of the individual on trial who is between 53-63 years of age.

What is known is that victims are still showing up who claim Theodore hustled them out of significant sums of money under a variety of different names and scams. Theodore was originally arrested after he managed to convince Holland Casino in Amsterdam to give him a million euro credit line (with no identification) which he promptly cashed out and disappeared. Several Holland Casino managers were dismissed after the incident because the violated Dutch gambling laws when they gave a million euro credit without verifying the customers identity.

After the evening news showed a clip of Theodore from the security cameras at Holland Casinos, police were not optimistic. “Everybody thought he was already long out of the country by now, on the other side of the world,” explained the lead detective assigned to the case.

To the amazement of both casino officials and the police, dozens of calls started pouring in, yet not a single one was calling about the recent casino scam. Most of the victims met Theodore at high stakes Dutch poker rooms where the victims were courted and eventually thrown away.

”People were calling from all parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. We were confused because each person had a different name for the suspect and some amazing stories of how he manipulated and eventually extracted enormous sums of money from people for the past 30 years.”

When the suspect was finally apprehended inside his rented flat, police were unable to locate any identification and only 23 Euros. Theodore was the name used to rent the flat, so he was charged under it. According to law enforcement sources and gambling news, Theodore refused to talk to the police or make any statement.

Two days ago the courtroom was overflowing with victims swindled by Theodore’s elaborate ruses. This was the fourth time the court met, each of the previous three occasions resulted in delays and eventual postponements for a variety of quirky reasons.

To the dismay of the court observers, Theodore’s attorney suddenly became violently ill and had to be taken to the hospital. The case was postponed till July and Theodore walked out, escorted by court security, with a mysterious smirk on his face.

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