Switzerland Planning to Liberalize its Gambling Market

Written by John M. on 2010-01-10 at 17:18
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As a country known for not conforming on European Issues, Switzerland is now making a move that mimics the actions of its European Union neighbors. Plans indicate that Switzerland is now on the brink of liberalizing its gambling market.

Swiss gambling laws have been very strict and in April of 2000, unlimited stakes casino gambling was reintroduced to the country for the first time in 80 years. Prior to that, gambling had been completely prohibited by Swiss gambling laws until 1993.

Despite the laws prohibiting gambling and eventually its permission under strict regulation, the Swiss are people that love to gamble. A total of 20% of the Swiss population can be considered frequent gamblers, while at the same time, 56% of the population participates in the national lottery.

While European Union member states like France are being forced by the European Commission to liberalize their gambling markets, the Swiss government has decided to do so of its own accord.

Like the U.S., Switzerland’s current policy allows different states to tailor their own laws when it comes to gambling. The anticipated nation-wide liberalization through law could prove to be difficult. If successful, the U.S. should note the method used if it considers attempting similar action.

Internet gambling in Switzerland is currently prohibited by the government. Regardless, there are many online casinos in Switzerland, that are based on foreign soil and, therefore, outside the government’s jurisdiction. Perhaps, plans for implementation of an internet gambling law can be seen in the future along with the industry’s general liberalization.

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