The Czech Republic Considers Gambling as a Source for Sports Revenue

Written by John M. on 2010-03-04 at 10:53
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In nations where proportional representation in parliament is the chosen form of rule, it can be difficult for governments to agree on any given matter. Fortunately for citizens in the Czech Republic, all of the current parties in power have come to agree on one matter – a new approach must be taken to funding sports. 

The sports program in the Czech Republic has hit a rough patch in the road to success. That rough patch has come in the form of a lack of funding. A study prepared by the European Union indicates that the Czech government spends €10 per capita from public funds on sports. France is Europe’s biggest spender when it comes to sports at a rate of €185 per capita from public funds. 

The only countries that spend less than the Czech Republic on sports are Bulgaria and Malta, countries which aren’t exactly well known for their athletic programs. In order to build up a sustainable fund for sports, the nation’s leaders are looking into making changes in Czech gambling law.  

Most of the parties agree on a system in which lotteries and other betting establishments would be taxed to create a separate revenue source just for sports programs. The logic behind this thinking is that some of the lotteries and online sportsbooks in the Czech Republic are directly linked, and benefit from the countries athletic endeavors. 

It would be a wise move on the part of the government to further legalize internet gambling in the Czech Republic for even more revenue. Currently, only sportsbooks are explicitly legal. In the event that casinos would also be allowed, a truly massive amount of revenue could be made towards sports. And what better way is there to use gambling revenue?

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