The Efficient and Welcoming Embrace of Online Gambling by Slovakia

Written by John M. on 2010-01-13 at 15:29
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Skates were sharp and the rink was cold in the 2010 World Junior Hockey Tournament, but the hearts of the Slovakian boys were warm and confident knowing that their entire nation was supportively watching them. As a matter of fact, thousands around the globe watched them in this year’s tournament. 

This support, however, was not based solely on a sense of patriotism in an international tournament; it was also based on the amazing odds that were riding on the game. Odds to win in the Slovakia vs. Czech Republic match were up at 30/1! 

Gambling in Slovakia is very popular and very acceptable thanks to Slovakian gambling laws. This has been the case for almost 20 years now, but prior to 1989, it was completely outlawed. Land-based casinos in the country are few, but there are ample betting shops to satisfy the needs of the locals. 

Online gambling in Slovakia is also popular. All forms of online betting facilities are available for use by the Slovakian people, but none of them are actually Slovakian. The Slovakian government does not issue licenses out to online gambling sites, but it doesn’t push them away either. Actually, they’ve come up with a really great system. 

Online casinos in Slovakia, along with any other online gambling havens, must pay a heavy tax for the right to operate. In this way, the Slovakian government makes a decent profit every year without having to deal with the problems that the internet gambling industry faces regularly. Someone else runs the operation, and they get a large piece of the pie. Meanwhile, Slovakian citizens are content with their right to gamble in any form that they so choose.

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